Proper Prefaces and Offertory Sentences Electronic Format


This resource provides Proper Prefaces and Offertory Sentences for each Sunday of the Church Year. The themes are keyed to the Revised Common Lectionary and include Years A, B, and C as well as major Holy Days. Some references are made to the Book of Common Prayer (so owning one will help). However, these files will serve as an excellent resource for any liturgical church that celebrates Holy Communion on a regular basis. In some parishes, it is the custom to sing part or all of the Mass. For those clergy and parishes, a supplement and companion to the Proper Prefaces and Offertory Sentences for Sundays, Years A, B, and C is available in pointed form. These “pointed” prefaces are available at no charge in electronic form only and will be sent with the text files for the Proper Prefaces.

Prefaces and Chants in electronic format, $30

The electronic files for the prefaces and chants will be emailed to the purchaser the business day following processing of the payment. If you want it sent to a different email, please notify us by emailing or calling 1-800-365-0439.

• For ease of use, all files are PDF’s and arranged in folders by the liturgical date.
Available in print format with CD, if preferred–see alternate product page.
• Ready to copy and paste.
• You can change font and size after pasting.
• Prefaces ISBN 10: 0-9839899-4-X
• Prefaces ISBN 13: 978-0-9839899-4-3
• Pointed Prefaces (Chants)
ISBN 10: 0-9839899-4-3
• Pointed Prefaces (Chants)
ISBN 13: 978-0-9839899-4-3





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